About the conference

The 1st SynBio Conference in Cyprus is co-organized  by iGEM, the University of Nicosia, the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine, the Institute of Neurology and Genetics and the European University of Cyprus on the 29th and 30th of March, 2019


The conference scope is dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education, and the development of an open community. It will give the Cypriot scientific and business ecosystem the opportunity to push the boundaries of synthetic biology by tackling everyday issues, creating awareness andformulating innovative solutions (coming up with the potential solutions) to address these problems, through Synthetic Biology.


Through panel discussions and real life examples from speakers around the world, the participants will get to know how multidisciplinary teams, work together to design, build, test, and measure a system of their own, using interchangeable biological parts and standard molecular biology techniques. At the same time we aim (want) to inspire responsible innovation through our efforts in biosafety, biosecurity and public outreach. As Cyprus has not joined the Synthetic Biology revolution, our hope is that this conference can serve as the catalyst, to start a national and academic conversation on the possible benefits of bringing SynBio to the island.

The Organizers

Constantly working to bring the SynBio vision to Cyprus.


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